“The team at Asset Strategies is the total consulting package; from the Admin Assistants, to the Analysts to the Consultants, everyone is accessible, responsive and thorough. Their advice is timely and accurate. They are most resourceful and have helped solve problems outside what they were hired to do, a testament to their lengthy experience and skills.”
- Administrator, Public Retirement System
“Even though we employ Asset Strategies on a project basis versus full retainer, they’ve performed just about every service for us over the past 15 years. Like many Taft-Hartley Boards, our group can be a little contentious. Their consultants have mastered the art of creating consensus and bringing the parties together for the greater good. The advice and service they provide have resulted in solid returns for our two funds.”
- President, Taft-Hartley Plans
“Like many foundations, our Board and Finance Committee include many financial professionals. At first, there was skepticism toward Asset Strategies’ ability to add any value to the investment program. Before long, Asset Strategies not only won over the skeptics, but was educating them on alternative strategies and investment policies, as well. Over the years, Asset Strategies’ advice has resulted in a more efficient, cost effective and successful investment program, with 100% support from the Board and Finance Committee.”
- President, Community Foundation
“Insurance company portfolios don’t look like pension fund or foundation investment portfolios so a special type of expertise is needed. But, thanks to their consultants’ actuarial knowledge, combined with their investment expertise, Asset Strategies helped our portfolio meet or exceed return and risk expectations consistently for 15 years. They’ve also provided the extra resources and support that was needed due to our lack of an internal investment staff.”
- Executive Director, Insurance Company
“Asset Strategies has advised our public retirement system for 15 years. They’ve guided us successfully through market boom and bust periods. They’ve trained several new trustees during this time. Their advice has been accurate and their accessibility for phone consults or extra meetings, outstanding.”
- President, Public Retirement System
I have had the pleasure to know George professionally for over a dozen years and the opportunity to observe his patient and caring work with plan sponsors. George's firm Asset Strategies Portfolio Services, Inc. fills an important industry void by being large enough to access best in class industry resources but remains small enough to provide a personalized level of service that is hard to find elsewhere. If you are seeking consultant services for your trusted assets, I highly recommend that you contact George.
Investment Management Professional and industry insider, July 6, 2009


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